Anthem Open Demo – Everything You Need To Know.

On February 22nd, Bioware’s latest, much-anticipated, multiplayer-focused, third-person shooter RPG, Anthem, will be releasing, and this weekend it will have its second, and final, demo before the official launch.

At 5pm UK time, the Anthem free open demo will be going live on the PlayStation and Xbox stores. It will run until 2am on February 4th. You don’t need to do anything special to gain access, just head to the store and download it. When the demo is finished downloading, you’ll need to sign into your EA or Origin account, or register for one to access the game.

To participate in the open demo, you’ll need to download the client first. It’s a 26 GB download on consoles, and you can pre-load the client right now, if don’t want to spend time over the weekend downloading it

You will need an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus in order to play the demo. The same will apply when the game officially releases, as even in single-player mode the game is always online. Microsoft is having a Free Play Days For All event from January 31-February 1, so you’ll be able to play the first day of the Anthem demo on Xbox One without paying for a Gold subscription.

The demo contains 2 full story missions, and is set just before the halfway point of the game. You’ll also be able to explore a portion of the map in free play mode, as well as take on a Stronghold, which is one of the games harder pieces of content. You’ll start at level 10 and be able toreach level 15.

If you played the VIP demo last weekend, your progress will carry over into this demo. However no progress from either demo will carry over into the main game.

Will anyone else be downloading it? Did you pre-order and get VIP access? What are your opinions so far, if so? We’re looking forward to testing this out over the weekend, and we’re dying to hear what you guys think.

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