E3 2018: What to expect at this years event!!


With this years E3 less than a week away, it has already been touted as one of the biggest ever and easily one of the most highly anticipated events of the year with a whole host of huge announcements already confirmed and the rumour mill in hyperdrive about what we could be seeing at this years Expo, so below is a run-down of what we already know and what we would like to see at E3 2018:-

Fallout 76

With Bethesda having just released the first teaser trailer for Fallout 76, the company have said we will be hearing more about the game at E3. Now we don’t know a lot about the new release….infact we know very little at all, including how the game will play but if reports from Kotaku are to be believed, it will include online-based survival elements. The latest instalment on the post-apocalyptic role-playing game is sure to get gamers excited so lets hope they give a good insight in to what to expect.

Pokèmon Let’s Go! Eevee/Pikachu and the next core game

Now the first part we know about, the second part we are hoping for. Nintendo caught us all slightly off-guard with the sort of game we thought was coming due to the recent leaks. With many sources hinting that a new core game for the Nintendo Switch was due any time soon, we were a little surprised when Pokèmon Let’s Go! Eevee/Pikachu was announced to tie-in with Pokèmon Go especially with the latter being developed by Niantic who aren’t owned by Nintendo. However, we are still stoked about the announcement and the gameplay footage we have seen so far looks good, of which we expect to see more at E3, but, what if Nintendo catch us off guard again and give us the double-whammy by also announcing the core game we all thought was coming…..we can dream right. With Pokèmon Let’s Go scheduled for a November release, we don’t expect another game to come out any time this year but with the hype train in full flow, maybe it would be a good time to release a few details on what else is to come.

Death Stranding

With the stunning trailers that have already been released for Hideo Kojima’s upcoming blockbuster most notably at E3 2016, we expected E3 2017 to have expanded further on these showing some gameplay and delving a little further in to the plot and ideas behind the game……sadly we got nothing, as it seems with this game, everything and everyone is very tight lipped, however, here’s to hoping that E3 2018 will be the year it happens. We do know a playable alpha build of Death Stranding exists so knowing that, the fact it’s now been two years since it was announced and the fact that no release date has been given as of yet, everything seems perfectly placed for it to come together at this years event.

The Last of Us: Part II

Oh Joel! Please don’t be dead!!! Ever since Naughty Dog revealed the hauntingly beautiful trailer to the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival game The Last of Us, showing a tearful Ellie strumming a “mournful” acoustic song with an unnamed figure in the door way, the question in everyones mind, is Joel dear or alive? or, is Ellie on a revenge rampage with Joel telling her what he did at the hospital? Sony has confirmed it’ll be discussing the new game in detail at it’s E3 press conference and will be one of four games it’ll be showcasing in-depth at this year’s show.

Cyberpunk 2077

The announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 six years ago seems like an age and it feels like it may actually be 2077 before it gets released however CD Projekt Red, makers of the widely popular The Witcher Series if you didn’t already know, are going to be at this years Expo. Whilst nothing has been explicitly confirmed and we don’t know as to what capacity the company will be there for, a lot of things point to a Cyberpunk 2077 reveal as especially as their website states they will be bringing an RPG for PS4, Xbox One and PC to the show……what else could it be?

Devil May Cry 5

Capcom at E3 showcasing two games and a domain name for Devil May Cry 5 has been registered! Shall we put 2 and 2 together here. This is one of the games on the list that we don’t know anything about as it hasn’t actually been confirmed at all but, with the aforementioned domain name and various other leaks over the past few months, it’s safe to assume Dante will be making an appearance after a five year hiatus following  the fairly well received DMC: Devil May Cry re-boot.

Halo 6

If the 3 year trend of Halo games is the general pattern they follow then should we expect to see Halo 6 this year? The rumour mill has been building with this one for the last few weeks with many believing an announcement is due, especially as Microsoft has been taking a pummelling recently against Sony with the amount of PS4 exclusives that have been big hits. This would be a perfect time for Microsoft to try and hit back with one of their own and their flagship franchise may be what they rest their hopes on. Again, with no official confirmation, it’s hard to know how they plan on going about this, but, if Halo 6 is announced, hopefully they’ll come up with some innovative new ideas and not just use the current trend of adding a Battle Royale mode ***cough*** COD: Black Ops 4 ***cough***

Console Price Cuts


Both the PS4 and Xbox One are now five years old and with leaks that development kits for the PS5 have been sent out to various teams, it would make sense that this year will see confirmation of price cuts for the consoles as they both near the end of their cycles.

Other Announcement and Potential Surprises

  1. Bloodborne 2 – we’ve had a cryptic trailer release for “a game” but was it for a new Bloodborne?

  2. PUBG – With the apparent loss of players over the last few months, could a move to PS4 help gain some new players? H1Z1 is now in open beta and Fortnite shows no signs of slowing, so maybe this is the announcement that could give PUBG the boost it needs.

  3. Xbox Streaming Service – Sony already has PlayStation Now, so could this be Microsofts answer and be the “Netflix for gaming”. Hopefully we’ll hear more.

  4. Animal Crossing – The last main game was released 5 years ago and with the Nintendo Switch having been released, now seems to be the perfect time to resurrect the franchise that fans loved.

  5. Fortnite – Rumours have been persisting for a while now that the juggernaut that is Fortnite will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

  6. Another PS4 exclusive? – We know that Sony has stated they will be focusing on four big games at this years event, so should we expect one of them to be a PS4 exclusive? We have no doubt about it really!

So there is what we know and what we are hoping for from the extravaganza that will be E3 2018! With the press conferences starting any day now we don’t have to wait long to find out but is there anything you’re hoping they will announce or any of the confirmed games you can’t wait to see more of, let us know in the comments below.


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