Flashback Friday – #4 – BioShock

Each Friday, we’re going to review some of our favourite games from days gone by, because sometimes it’s just nice to go back and revisit them.

This week we’re looking at 2007’s BioShock

This is another game I’ve only recently completed, last week actually. Oddly I remember playing the first part of this game during GCSE Media Studies while I was at school, but for some reason it took me 10 years to play it.

One thing that has to be said for BioShock, and BioShock 2 for that matter, is that it has aged beautifully, and the initial descent into Rapture is just as breathtaking as it was the first time I saw it 10 years ago. BioShock as a whole is a beautiful game, depicting a terrifying dystopia, run by a mad man and fulled by ADAM addicted splicers, ADAM being a genetic material that allows users to change their DNA to give them superhuman powers. The setting is beautifully desolate, the NPCs are beautifully crafted, if somewhat terrifying. The story is brilliant, the “would you kindly” twist was astounding. There was me thinking I’d made it to the end and was about to fight the big boss, and boom, no, I was half way through and really had no idea what was actually going on. All in all BioShock actually isn’t that long a game to play through, roughly 8-9 hours is average, and I think if I were to sit down and play it again (which I will, see below), then I could probably knock it out in that time. I really, genuinely loved BioShock. I struggled with it, quite a lot, because I’m a very casual gamer and I suck at first person perspective games. I don’t like the fact that the scary monsters appear right in front of your face instead of in front of your visible character! But despite that I played through the game with a sense of awe, it’s so beautifully put together. The game play on BioShock is brilliant, though I did struggle a little with the fact that your left trigger is a plasmid button and not a gun aim button. It’s funny how ingrained these sorts of habits get in your brain, and then suddenly a game comes along and challenges that! I’m not good at adjusting. I also wasn’t good at the pipe mini game for hacking vending machines and other hackable things, I just used autohack or avoided hacking altogether! I loved that if you drank too much alcohol you got blurry double vision, there was actually a point where I remember thinking that I needed to lay off the alcohol! And then at the end, you get to dress up like a Big Daddy to fight the big boss man! I love the fact that there are alternate endings for BioShock as well, I definitely feel like I need to play it through again so I can get the ending where everyone lives happily ever after because I didn’t murder all the Little Sisters.

One of the only things that I am annoyed at with BioShock – and this is no reflection of the game really – is the fact that I made a solid effort to try and pick up all the audio diaries, went out of my way to get them all, only to discover at the end of the game I’d picked up less than half! Definitely going to have to try harder next time round!

– Written By Jade Find me on Xbox – littleXstitches and on PlayStation – littlestitches28

Tell us in the comments about the older games that you still love and endlessly replay, we’re always looking for suggestions for other games to pick up! We’ve got a few older games that we haven’t got round to playing – we now own the first two Mass Effect games, will we be able to complete one in time for next week? Only one way to find out!

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