Flashback Friday – #5 – Until Dawn

Each Friday, we’re going to review some of our favourite games from days gone by, because sometimes it’s just nice to go back and revisit them.

This week, we’re looking at 2015’s horror adventure Until Dawn

Until Dawn is one of the most supremely re-playable games I have ever played. Which I guess makes sense since it’s designed to be played over and over again. It was the first choice-based game that I have ever played, and I played through the whole thing in one evening, not that there is really a great deal to play through.

I love the way that the choices you make – even the seemingly not so big decisions – have an effect on the story. And the butterfly effect animation to let you know you just made a story changing decision added to a game that was already a pretty tense affair.

While I was playing it, Robin gave me all the tips to keep all the characters alive, so naturally I killed them all, and I got an Ultra Rare trophy for my troubles. I definitely think I need to replay the game, and maybe try and keep everyone alive. I think this might the first (read: only) game I manage to get a Platinum trophy for!

The setting of the game is eerily beautiful – up in the snowy mountains in the middle of winter. I’m a sucker for a snowy mountain. The actors were also fantastic, I love Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere anyway, so it was an added bonus! And I generally just really enjoyed the whole horror movie atmosphere – even though I was making the choices there were still parts of the game where I was shouting at the characters not to do certain things! I think this game, maybe more so than other horror games I’ve played, was actually like playing a horror movie. Maybe that was mostly down to the fact that you control all of the main characters at different points throughout the game, rather than just one main protagonist.

I also quite enjoyed the little sections with the psychiatrist. The way that it asked you to pick which of the characters you did and didn’t like was particularly interesting, especially since there were times where I found it quite hard to choose.

I think a good sign of how much I enjoyed this game is the fact that it’s made me excited about eventually getting round to playing The Inpatient, and and the non-canonical Rush of Blood.

If I had to say something negative about the game it would probably be that it is too short, but with that said, it’s set over the events of one night, so I guess it couldn’t really have been much longer!

– Written By Jade Find me on Xbox – littleXstitches and on PlayStation – littlestitches28

Tell us in the comments about the older games that you still love and endlessly replay, we’re always looking for suggestions for other games to pick up! We’ve got a few older games that we haven’t got round to playing so watch this space!

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