Games We’re Excited About In April 2018

2018 has already been an exciting year for gaming, and with more awesome games being released each month, it’s sure to just get better! Here’s a quick run down of the new releases for April that we’re most excited about!

Extinction – April 10th – Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

From the developers that bought us games like Destiny, Bioshock Infinite and 7 days to die to name a few, comes Extinction. You play as Avil, one of the worlds last defenders, attempting to take down 150ft beasts known as “ogres”. You need to rescue civilians in the massive story mode, there are plenty of side missions, and every battlefield is different, ensuring a unique combat experience every time you fight. If the game play footage from E3 are anything to go by, this game is going to be nothing short of epic.  Here’s 7 minutes of the E3 game play footage to whet your appetite.

Yakuza 6: Song of Life is the 7th major entry in the Yakuza 6 series. They’ve had this game in Japan since December 2016 and in South East Asia since March this year, however we have to wait until April 17th to get our hands on it. Whilst recovering from his injuries sustained in the last game, Kazuma Kiryu is approached by the police who want to his arrest him for his previous crimes. He decides to take this and spends 3 years in prison. Once he is released he learns that Haruka has disappeared and he returns to Kamurocho to search for her, only to discover she has been left in a coma following a hit and run incident, and she has a new born baby son. Kazuma takes the baby to Onomichi Jingaicho to unravel the mystery of what happened to Haruka during his absence. This game is similar to the other Yakuza 6 titles, with exploration combined with over the top combat.

God of War – April 20th – PlayStation 4

This is the 8th game in the God of War series, and we’re seriously excited for this one. Unlike the first 7 games, which were loosely based on Greek mythology, this installment is set in Norse mythology. The gameplay of this game is so different to previous games that the whole thing had to be built from the ground up. One of the most notable differences is that Kratos no longer uses his double chained blades, having lost these at the end of 2010’s God of War III, instead he has the Leviathan Axe, which is a magic battle axe. In this game, Kratos and his son Atreus in the world of the Norse Gods. In order to be a good father and mentor Kratos is attempting to channel his rage, to make sure his son knows how to survive in the harsh world. He also has to contend with the Norse Gods, who are taking precautions against him, because they know all about his role in the fall of Olympus.

 Let us know in the comments about the games that you’re most excited about seeing this year!

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