Hogwarts Mystery – New Game Review


Hogwarts Mystery from Portkey Games – For the first time in my life I don’t want to be at Hogwarts.

Portkey Games is now giving anyone who owns an iPhone or Android phone the opportunity to have their own Hogwarts adventure. You can create your own character, buy your supplies and be sorted into your Hogwarts house. Awesome, right?

In theory yes, but for me so far, no.

I was so excited for this game. I love Harry Potter. Within the first couple of minutes of me playing the game I had a Hogwarts acceptance letter with my actual name on it. And to be honest that’s about where it peaked for me.

I was really excited about the sorting ceremony, I was curious about how it would work, Pottermore had already told me I was a Ravenclaw, which is something I’m very proud of, so where would the game put me? Would I have to answer questions like on Pottermore? No, it asked me what house I wanted to be in.

Ok, minor disappointment really, and I shouldn’t complain too much, at least I get to be a Ravenclaw.

I like the idea of the game quite a lot, I’m at Hogwarts about 11 years before Harry, my brother was apparently some kind of insane person who got expelled because he put everyone in danger at Hogwarts, trying to open up some secret vaults, and then he disappeared, so I guess that’s the mystery part. I think Nymphadora Tonks is also in my year (there’s a kid with pink hair, it has to be Tonks). And I have an enemy from Slytherin. It should be an awesome game.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that this is the kind of game where if you want to progress quickly, well you’ll have to pay for that.

Think Candy Crush, you have to wait for your lives to refill, well Hogwarts Mystery is exactly the same. You have an energy bar with a certain amount of energy in it. 1 lightning bolt = 1 energy. At the minute my maximum energy level is 24. Each task takes requires you to use energy, so far I’ve found tasks use between 1 and 5 lightning bolts. Once you’ve used all your energy you have to wait for the bar to refill, one energy refill takes 4 minutes, so for my bar to refill it’ll take just under 2 hours. Each lesson is on a time limit, so if you run out of energy, haven’t got your stars, and only have a small amount of time left in the lesson, basically you can either buy more energy, obviously will cost you real life money, or you can fail the lesson the first time and come back later when your bar is full.

So basically at the minute I’m getting 10-15 minutes play time out of every two hours.

On top of that, sometimes it gives you a task and then says you can’t come back and complete it for x amount of time. At the minute I’ve just started a 3 hour wait for my next task to unlock itself, and if I want to start it sooner, I’ll have to pay for it.

Honestly, I’d have been happier to pay £4.99 for the game from the App Store so that I could just play it without any waiting times.

I’m still giving it a go, but I feel disillusioned, I feel like this is the sort of game where one day I’ll put it down because I have to wait hours to do what I need to do and I’ll never pick it back up again.

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