How To Play - Pokemon!

Are you interested in the Pokemon Trading Card Game? Do you want to become the very best, like no one ever was? Well, you're in the right place! Here you will find a series of short videos, straight from the Pokemon Company, explaining how to play the game.

The first video in the series shows you the various parts of a Pokemon card. See it here:

Next up is how to set up to play. This video explains your deck, your hand, your bench, and your prize cards.

The third lesson is on attacking, retreating and evolving your Pokemon cards.

Trainer cards are next. This video will tell you about the additional cards in your hand that will help you during battle.

Finally, you can learn about various Pokemon abilities, and how to win the game.

So there you go, there are the basics of playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You can build your own deck from the sets currently in rotation. The 2022 Standard format rotation will officially go into effect on September 10, 2021. Going forward, card legality will be linked to regulation mark rather than expansion release. Starting with the Sword & Shield Series, cards have a letter on the bottom of the card (the regulation mark) that signifies whether or not a card is legal for tournament play. Note that not all cards from the same expansion will necessarily have the same regulation mark.

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For the 2022 season, cards with “D” and “E” regulation marks are legal for use (as well as any future regulation marks that may be released). As of right now, that includes all cards from the Sword & Shield expansion forward. New cards still must follow the appropriate waiting period to become tournament legal, which is typically two weeks from their release.

Why not find a Pokemon TCG event or league near you, you can find the event locator here, build your deck and find new friends to battle against!

The Pokemon TCG is also available in an online format, check out this link for more information!

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