New Game Review – Pokemon Quest

On Saturday evening we decided it would be fun to borrow the small human’s Nintendo Switch so we could test out Pokemon Quest, a fun, free(ish) RPG from Game Freak.

Set on Tumblecube Island, the blocky minecraft-esque games lets you befriend square shaped Pokemons (from this point I’m calling them Blockemons – pronounced Block-ee-mon) by cooking them dinner.

Now, at first I really wasn’t sure on this game, especially the battle mechanics because the ‘mons run around by themselves and the player just has to hit the attack button, when the attack is powered up. But, a week later, I’m totally and utterly hooked.

I say it’s free(ish) because there are in-app purchases, like most mobile games. You’re given 5 lives, and when you’ve used them you can pay for more, or you can wait half an hour for them to regenerate. When cooking food to attract new buddies you can either do the number of expeditions needed for it to finish cooking, or you can pay to to do it instantly.

Now if you read my review of Hogwarts Mystery (if not you can find it here) you’ll know that I hate having to wait for things, but that doesn’t apply to Pokemon Quest. In Hogwarts Mystery there is an actual story that you have to pay to progress through, or wait ages for your lives to regenerate. Pokemon Quest is more like Candy Crush. There’s no story, just levels to progress through, so the having to wait part isn’t so bad. In fact it’s probably a good thing because it’s such an addictive game. I can’t go to bed without checking in on my Blockemons.

At the start of the game you have to choose between 5 pokemon: Eevee, Pikachu, Bulbasuar, Charmander and Squirtle (I picked Eevee if you’re interested), after that you get your basic intro tutorial, taken to your base camp and told how to cook things. Your first meal attracts two pokemon and now you have your party of three to go and fight other blockemons with.

Though I do wish I had a littl more control over how the fights play out, they are very challenging, and it is very fun building an effective team. I spend far too long looking at all the power stones and the mons that I have and trying to figure out what works best.

Every 22 hours a new blockemon appears in your base camp, completely free of charge, so that’s nice, and you attract one new blockemon with each dish that you cook. Now I quite enjoy experimenting with the ingredients to see what type of blockemon I can attract, I think I’m up to 14 or 15 different mons in my Pokedex so far, and last night I hit a sort of jackpot. I made a meal for red blockemon and managed to attract a shiny Charmander. So I can confirm from experience that there are shiny blockemons. I never trust that until it happens to me. I don’t care how many other people on the internet already said it, I wasn’t going to believe it until I had one for myself. And now I have a shiny blockemon, so that made me quite happy. And I know before we switch the lights off and settle down tonight, I’ll be firing up the switch to see what other mons I’ve attracted.

This is a great first Pokemon game for younger kids to play, but it’s also great for every other Pokemon fan too. Yes, it’s a bit basic, and could definitely be considered a childs game, but what’s not to love about being able to catch super colourful square Pokemon that may or may not be shiny? It’s fun, it looks great and there are lots of pretty colours.


Behold! Shiny Charmander!

I’m very, very excited about the fact this will be available on mobile (hopefully) at some point this month. The small one can have his switch back and I’ll be able to play whenever I want!

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