New year, new trading card game – Magic: The Gathering

January is the best time to try something new.

This year, why not learn a new trading card game? Luckily, we’re here with just the right game to try! Magic: The Gathering has been around since the early 90’s, and is widely considered to be the first trading card game. If you’re new to the world of trading cards, why not make it your first trading card game of this new decade!

Over on this page, you’ll find some handy how-to videos, talking you through everything from how to build your first deck, to how to play and win the game.

And once you’ve learnt all you can learn about how to play the game, we can help you out with decks, cards, and everything you need to keep your cards safe, including card sleeves and deck boxes! You can also head over to the Magic: The Gathering website and download the Arena, where you can play the online version of the game.

Magic: The Gathering

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