Pokemon Community Day #7 – Squirtle

Don’t forget Sunday’s (8th July) Pokemon Go Community Day event featuring Squirtle!!

Squirtle Community day

This month’s Community day features the iconic water starter, Squirtle!

This months unique move is Hydro Cannon, which you can only get by evolving Wartortle to Blastoise during the event. There is also the added bonus of eggs hatching four times faster, and lure modules will last 3 hours.

Of course the other (best) bonus for this event is the chance to build your own Squirtle Squad! If you complete research tasks throughout the event there is a chance you’ll encounter a Squirtle sporting sunglasses!

The event will run in the UK between 10am, and 1pm on Saturday so get out, get that shiny Tyranitar and enjoy the sunshine while you can!

And if that isn’t enough Pokemon to look forward to this weekend, Saturday is also Articuno Day! When you spin a photo disc at a gym, you’ll receive 5 free raid passes to battle Articuno in raid battles. Articuno will be available for a 3 hour period on Saturday, and if you’re lucky you may even encounter it in it’s shiny form.

And of course, with it being 2 years since Pokemon Go was released, there is also the special anniversary Pikachu with sunglasses and sun hat to look out for!

With so much Pokemon excitement going on, get out there and get hunting!

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