Pokemon Go! Community Day – Mareep

Don’t forget Sunday’s (15th April) Pokemon Go Community Day event featuring Mareep!!


This month’s Community day features the electric sheep Pokemon Mareep!

This months unique move is Dragon Pulse, which you can only get by evolving Flaffy to Ampharos during the event. There are also bonus 3 hour lures, and 10km eggs will hatch in 2.5km! The event will run in the UK between 10am, and 1pm on Sunday, so it’s the perfect way to beat back that Saturday night hangover.

Also running is the Pokemon Go Kanto celebration event, which allows Trainers to find an even greater variety of Generation 1 Pokemon in their area! This also includes raid battles featuring the likes of Aerodactyl, Snorlax and Kabutops. The other bonus from this event is double candies on every catch and hatch!

Happy hunting!

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