The Inpatient – PlayStation VR

At the weekend we finally got a chance to play The Inpatient on PlayStation VR.

Initially released on January 23rd 2018, The Inpatient is a prequel to 2015’s Until Dawn. The Inpatient is a pyschological horror game, and, much like Until Dawn, the story progression depends on the choices that you make. The basic storyline is you’re a patient at Blackwood Sanatorium. You’re suffering from amnesia, and trying to reclaim your memories. At some point in your stay at the sanatorium something goes terribly wrong with some other patients and you’re left fighting to escape.

I definitely think playing this game in virtual reality lends to the horrifying experience you have playing this game. Having never actually played a game in virtual reality before I was genuinely amazed by how real the people and surroundings looked. I’m very claustrophobic and getting in the elevator in places was enough to make me feel really nervous, which is something you generally don’t get with playing games on the TV like a normal person. I certainly didn’t feel it when I was watching Robin do the first play through. And of course there’s the fact that any scary monsters that appear do actually appear right in front of your face. I may have shrieked out loud at one point because there was a scary monster that I wasn’t prepared for. I’m pretty sure I’ve said in a previous post that I’m a massive wimp. I wasn’t joking, I really am. One feature of The Inpatient that I particularly like is the voice recognition. Anything that really helped me be a part of this story is a great thing, and the fact that I could actually talk to characters in the game with my actual voice is a great feature.

Not so great was the motion sickness that came from moving around in a body that wasn’t mine.

I did feel that the game was a bit short but I think that was mostly down to the way I played it, rather than being an actual problem with the game. I didn’t collect all the memories so there is still a lot about my back story that I don’t know, and I would loved to have discovered a bit more about the miners and the wendigos. Much like Until Dawn this is a game I’m sure I’ll be playing over and over again because I want to figure out how to turn into the makkapitew that chases down the Washington sisters in Until Dawn.

Overall, I definitely recommend playing The Inpatient, if you can deal with the dizzy motion sickness that is.

And if you can tell me the path to take to get the Wendigo ending, drop it in the comments!

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