Hi all,

Firstly, we need to address and apologise for the traffic and website issues. We were not in any way prepared for the amount of traffic on the website. We were unable to access the system for a good 20 minutes because of the amount of traffic. This delayed the release. Last night, in the space of 20 minutes, we generated around half the amount of views we had in 2020. One of the reasons we didn’t see it coming is that we did an identical drop in November. Advertised 24 hours in advance, same limits, same everything. That day, everything ran fine. We expected last night would be the same. We were obviously wrong. In future, big drops will just appear. We feel this will help better manage the traffic, and also, help deter bots.

Moving on to bots, as far as we can see, all orders and new accounts are all legit email addresses etc. If you have tips on identifying bot orders, please tell us. If you see someone bragging/flipping, please tell us, we have absolutely no issue cancelling those orders. Just before launch we created, and shared a new listing, with a new link and product title. This was to thwart bots that had already been set up for the original link. We deleted 9 pages worth of dodgy accounts earlier that day, and kept an eye on it throughout the day. Our website has anti-bot protection built in. We genuinely tried to do all we could, and again – if you see someone flipping, please, please tell us, give us screen shots, we’ll cancel and delete those orders. However, it is difficult for us to figure out how to counter something even the big companies haven’t been able to stop. People that write bots are always one step ahead of preventative measure, because preventative measures are always reactive.

Finally, We know a lot of people are frustrated by the fact we allowed a purchase limit of 3. We understand why that is frustrating, however, the reason we allowed that is because we know a lot of collectors like to keep one sealed for their collection, and then open a couple because the set has great pulls. We have taken this frustration on board, and we will be limiting to 1 per household in the future. These are not measures we want to take, we don’t want to force people to make a choice between their binder and their sealed collection, however we don’t see any other option.

We may look at introducing a lottery system for all big drops going forward. We will notify email subscribers ahead of time and given all the information of where to sign up. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter please let us know.

We are a small business, we are learning as we go, and we will take this experience and grow and learn from it.

We would like to take this chance to thank you for your patience, understanding and support, and sincerely apologise for this experience.

Robin & Jade CryoGenik_

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